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Check out more tracks at where I have commented all tracks with information about the task, my solutions and things I've learned from working on the pieces.

Winter Song (2 versions)

Music for the last part of the horror game Miss Eyesore 1964 (2019).
Style: Dramatic orchestral/choral.

Menu music/death music for the horror game Miss Eyesore 1964 (2019).
Style: Choral, postmodern.

Jasmine Flower

Cozy gameplay music for the mobile game The Wonderful Adventures of Nils, but he went to China instead (2019), based on the traditional Chinese song Jasmine Flower (Mo Li Hua).
Style: Instrumental music with traditional Chinese influences.

Bogland Sunrise

Ambient synthesizer music (2020).

On The Run

Music excerpt from the fantasy short film Sagor från Minea: Vilsen (2019).
Style: Dramatic orchestral.

MouseGetHome(); Gameplay Music

Peppy music from the Global Game Jam game MouseGetHome(); (2019).
Style: Ensemble music.

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