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A student of music production for digital games at University of Skövde, Sweden, I currently write music mainly for digital games, but I have a long history of writing pieces for advanced choirs as well as melodies for community singing at Live-Action Roleplaying events (LARPs). I love adapting to new genres and styles, as that provides challenge and puts my creativity and musicality to the test.

Before going back to school to follow my dreams and finally focus on music at a professional level, I served as a speech-language pathologist for ten years. Mainly, I worked in preschool and school with children and youth with speech and language disorders. I have a master's degree in medicine from the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm.

Among my diverse skills are also project management, intercultural communication, writing, and a bit of coding. I try my way with C# and HTML, but my best coding skills are still in the old and very specific NWScript (a script for the game Neverwinter Night 1 only). I'm a singer and voice artist aswell.

My childhood was spent in Saltsjöbaden, outside Stockholm, Sweden. My parents are musicians, mostly performing traditional songs from all over the world and songs that were popular in Sweden around the year 1900. From 4th grade I went to schools specializing in choir singing, Nacka musikklasser and Stockholms musikgymnasium, and since then I've always been singing in at least one choir. I have been a member of Sofia vokalensemble, Stockholm, the North Park University Concert Choir, Chicago, and Wermlandsensemblen, Karlstad, and I have also performed as part of the choir at Wermland Opera, Karlstad, for two opera productions. Composing has been part of what I am since forever. The first recorded melodies are from when I'm around 5 years old, with a piano suite and a music theater written in 6th grade and the first more elaborate choir piece written in 9th grade.

I've made games and applications since I bought my first graphing calculator in high school. Give me new technology, and I will use my curiosity to try to accomplish things I've never done before!

















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