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Live-Action Roleplaying (LARP) is my most important hobby. Among the pictures to the left are pictures from fantasy LARPs, viking LARPs, and Harry Potter LARPs.

Somebody witty has said, that a LARP is an MMORPG with extremely realistic graphics. To LARP is to see another world through somebody else's eyes, but at the same time, to see yourself and your own world from the outside. LARPing gives you fun and interesting experiences, but also perspectives. Also, it's a very social hobby, and for the LARPs I play, a lot of crafting goes into the preparations.

In the spring of 2016, I launched my largest LARPing project so far: Organizing the Dungeons & Dragons LARP Tempelplatsen, a LARP centered around the adventures by the Oakengrove Abbey in Mistledale. The LARP was a great success, and I learned a lot as a project manager.

My favorite LARP campaign is Kampen i ringen, a Swedish LARP taking place in the transition period between the viking age and the medieval era. Kampen i ringen has its own musical tradition, where songs are passed orally and everybody takes part in singing according to their own ability. I have written several songs for LARPs, for example Sång till Olof: Mitt hjärta i din hand, a song written by my character Hella to her husband, Olof. I collect songs from different Swedish LARPs and also administer a wiki for songs for Swedish LARPs, Lajvmusikwikin.


1. Portrait originally shot for my work as student ambassador for University of Skövde, 2018.
2. Me playing a priest at the LARP Krigshjärta 9, 2019. Photographer: Carl Nordblom.
3. My main character in the LARP campaign Kampen i ringen, 2019. Photographer: Hanna Olsson.
4. 'Crazy Bat Lady', a wizard rock lead singer for a Harry Potter LARP, 2015. Photographer: Kenny Lee Iker.
5. Me posing in viking clothing by the viking age runestone Olsbrostenen, 2017. Photographer: Torbjörn Elgh.
6. On my way to the Skövde Pride Parade, 2017. Photographer: Solvej von Malmborg.
7. Me as high-elf at the LARP Malcontenta, 2015. Unknown photographer.
8. My post-apocalyptically modified 'buddy' t-shirt for the introduction of new students, 2018. Photographer: Kevin Vingeus.
9. Professor Olivia Tosscobble, teaching Charms at Hogwarts, 2014. Unknown photographer.
10. Portrait photo shoot in Skövde, 2018. Photographer: Sean Sigfried.









































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