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Miss Eyesore 1964 (game, 2019)

During the student course "Project in Game Development II" (15 ECTS) a group consisting of 15 students from different game development programs, Snöstorm Studio, worked on this horror/survival game. I worked on the project as music producer, with focus on experimental music, creepy ambience and dark choir music. The game was one out of three nominees for the Skövde Academic Game Award 2019.
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Sagor från Minea: Vilsen (film, 2019)

I was the main composer for the music to the fantasy short film Vilsen by Daniel Achmed Sundler. The 20 minutes film was based on lore from the LARP campaign Krigshjärta, and to connect to the musical tradition within the campaign, I got permission to use meoldies from others' campaign specific songs. Apart from the end title song and a traveling scene, all the music was written and produced by me. I also worked on-site as assistant sound technician.
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The Wonderful Adventures of Nils, but he went to China instead (game, 2019)

For four weeks during the summer course "Project Studies in New Media I" (15 ECTS) I worked in a group consisting of seven students, of which three were from Sweden and four from China. Together we merged two literary works - one Swedish and one from China - into a story driven mobile game. I worked on the project as project manager, writer, and music & sound producer.

Nothing released yet.

Gumdrop Studios: Slimer (game, 2018)

During the course "Project in Game Development I" (15 ECTS) a group of 16 students developed the 2D-puzzle-platformer "Slimer". I was the project manager and one of two music producers.
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Tempelplatsen (LARP, 2016)

In the spring of 2016, I launched my largest LARPing project so far: Organizing the Dungeons & Dragons LARP Tempelplatsen, a three-day LARP for 35 players, centered around the adventures by the Oakengrove Abbey in Mistledale. The organizing group consisted of two persons, me who focused on project management and practical issues, and a co-organizer who focused on the narrative design.
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LARP Music Wiki (website, 2014-)

Lajvmusikwikin, the Swedish LARP Music Wiki, is a project of mine. On the wiki, I and other Swedish LARPers collect songs that are suitable for LARPs, mainly in settings such as fantasy, historical, pirate and post-apocalyptic. The wiki currently holds more than 300 titles. I have myself contributed with music and/or lyrics for more than 50 LARP songs.
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La-La Land (game, 2008-2013)

From 2008 and a few years onward I served as Questmistress Chrystal on the private Neverwinter Nights 1 server La-La Land, a multiplayer roleplaying experience. I was originally recruited to run ad-hoc quests for the players on the server and help with community management. However, I took an interest in building for the server, and became skilled in using the Aurora Toolset (game engine), scripting in NWScript and writing dialogues. Among my contributions to the server was the Worship System, based on worship of deities in Faerûn in the Forgotten Realms.
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