Perspice Christicola

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Perspice Christicola är en kristen text daterad till 1400-talet som ska sjungas till Sumer is icumen in:s melodi. Texten handlar om korsfästelsen.

Inspelning med Ensemble Céladon:

Perspice Christicola†
que dignacio
Celicus agricola
pro vitis vicio
Filio non parcens
exposuit mortis exicio
Qui captivos semiuiuos a supplicio
Vite donat et secum coronat
in celi solio

Översättning till modern engelska:

Observe, Christian,
such honour!
The heavenly farmer,
owing to a defect in the vine,
not sparing the Son,
exposed him to the destruction of death.
To the captives half-dead from torment,
He gives them life and crowns them with himself
on the throne of heaven.